Silence… It allows you to listen and may be deemed therapeutic at times. It has the ability to draw strangers together and the power to tear even the closest relationships apart. Google presents the definition of silence as “the complete absence of sound.”

If that may be, then…does silence truly exist? If our subconscious mind speaks to us even during the most quiet hours, even when we are asleep, are we ever truly absent of sound?  And why do we call it “the silent treatment” when the tension between people is screaming in madness until that energy is released?

Even the silence associated with death is brief, as it is the end of one form of suffering and the simultaneous climax of another, as family and friends began to grieve aloud and release the sorrow they’d build up since their loved one’s diagnosis.

One of my favorite sources of rejuvenation and healing, and one we as humans minimally tap into, is the silence of nature. The idea of silence of nature is a cunning oxymoron, beautifully dressed with singing birds, trickling brooks or streams, the white noise of waterfalls and rain… the persuasive roar of the ocean.

The silent nurse was another hodgepodge, as I’ve never known an actual nurse who maintains an absence of sound. In fact, if a nurse is silent, it’s usually because she herself is grieving a loss, attempting to figure out how to navigate her workload. Or she hasn’t had her coffee yet, and this is day 2 of 3. Approach a silent nurse tactfully and respectfully, trust me on this one.

A silent nurse may be defined as: a natural healer who is temporarily broken inside, yet tactfully re-arranging each piece of herself in order to heal her wounds. She learns to forgive herself for negative thoughts and insufficiencies or imperfections and recognizes them as human. She is quiet on the surface, yet smoldering in thoughts as she mends herself through change.

Silence may be better defined as: the lack of displeasing auditory stimuli. It may evoke feelings of peace, loneliness or emptiness, or may flood you with memories of mind stimulating experiences, conversations and riddles alike, pure joy in thought.

Here’s to a moment of…


Yours in tranquility,


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