Houses with charm and character… crown moulding and creaky hard wood floors, and candlelight. Open mic nights, expressions of love, pain and poetic story tellers tucked away in a Christmas lights year-round, hole-in-the-wall kinda spot that transcends time. The warmth of a fire pit, surrounded by good company, exquisite imaginations and shot-fed conversations that last past 4am. Dancing… in the kitchen, in the living room, under the stars… Slow shutter speeds that capture the essence of light and photographs of places that you can’t stop looking at because you keep thinking you see yourself in them, even when you know you aren’t.

Inquisitive, brilliant, curious minds that aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and allow you inside. Tailgating in the fall, old clocks, eclectic pottery pieces and hand-made coffee mugs. #2 pencils and the smell of leather bound books… ukuleles, warm summer breezes and tropical drinks all dressed up and topped off with paper umbrellas. Hammocks and panoramic views of the mountain tops infiltrated by clouds, sunshine and wildlife. Situations that are simply complicated and creative solutions that lead to mental growth.

French vanilla coffee before the suns rises…witnessing the earth awaken each day…blank slates, fresh starts, honesty. Old stained glass, fire escapes against brick or stone structures… texture. Garden paths and hidden walkways with seemingly endless destinations, nostalgia… Holding hands, eye contact for longer than three seconds, swing sets and triple dog dares. Therapeutic silence and natural healing ability of the human body and defense mechanisms of the brain.

Perception of reality from all angles and attempting to decipher and understand them all. Cuddling with, and coming home to my dog… unconditional love. Running on the sands of Topsail Beach…naps on an oceanfront porch, tucked in by a good book. Intimate dinners served on eclectic dishes with a glass of wine. Tears that transform into laughter, and laughter that prefaces tears…

All the feels…

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